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 image of Mini-Dome camera

The Illustra IP Mini-Domes provide crisp and clear high-definition video, at full frame rates (30ips NTSC/25ips PAL). Whether in bright sun, near darkness or blackout conditions, you can clearly see important details, such as license plates, merchandise labels, and faces.



image of Bullet camera

Bullet cameras have superior low-light performance, for crisp, clear video in complete darkness and create a blend of image quality and bandwidth-friendly performance.



image of Fisheye camera

See in every direction with an Illustra Fisheye camera.



image of PTZ camera

 The exceptional speed of the Illustra PTZ coupled with ultra-low latency performance gives security personnel the ability to accurately track subjects in mission-critical applications. The camera tracks a scene with the precision you would expect from an analog PTZ camera.



image of Micro camera

 The Micro camera is well-suited for applications where low profile, high performance surveillance is required. Install the lens module in a limited space while using the 6m (20 ft.) power/processing cable to conveniently install the main power unit elsewhere.



image of Box camera

With its compact design and affordable price, this camera is best suited for organizations looking for a cost-effective box camera. Strategically placed, these inconspicuous cameras offer high security without attracting unwanted attention.

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