Auto Clear 4626

Portable, Compact Parcel X-ray for Bombs, Weapons & Contraband

General Details

The AUTOCLEAR® 4626 (46.0 cm wide x 26.0 cm high, 18.1” wide x 10.2” high opening) is compact, lightweight and ergonomic for briefcases, purses, cameras, laptops, backpacks, shoes, coats, mailbags, bins and parcels. Ideal for:

  • Schools.
  • Courthouses.
  • Correctional.
  • Corporate.
  • Mailrooms Embassies.
  • Jails.
  • Government Buildings.
  • Special Events.
  • Airports.
  • Military.
  • Banks.
  • Police.
  • Nightclubs.
  • Offices.
  • Parcels for Executives.
  • Very portable, compact and affordable. Fits narrow halls, spaces, and through any doorway. Ergonomic height and small footprint enhance security.
  • Ideal size, penetration and throughput for mail, laptops, shoes, cellphones, coats, binned items, electronics, food, liquids, handbags, and cameras.
  • Advanced, bright digital image. Folded array rapidly images full mailbags, long packages (posters, drawings) and taller items. Unlike highdose analog, door-based fluoroscopes with dull, monochrome, indirect views, the 4626 is fully filmsafe and will not cut off corners.
  • Features Pentium 4, 17” monitor, RealClear®, autoScale®, autoDensalert®, autoOutline®, autoSensing®, autoCal®, 64X Smart Zoom, Lighten, Help, DensityScan, and Low Density Stripping, among other features.
  • 90kV, 10-11mm penetration eliminates hand searches. Twice the penetration available in less portable systems costing more.
  • Multi-Energy Color with Organic/Inorganic Stripping is popular. Half the radiation dose to parcels and contains with lower energy consumption. TIP, Training and Image Archiving autoSaves® images to DVD, CD or USB flash drive. autoMatalert® option highlights organic threat items.
  • autoTracking® unique guided conveyor belt system never needs adjustment, lowering operating costs.
  • Full autoSensing® eliminates use of troublesome photosening systems or footpad switches. Assures 100% screening of thin blades or plastique in magazines or overnight envelopes, or bag already in tunnel at start-up.
  • Interactive training and highly responsive local service. Engineered, made and rigorously tested in North America to the highest ISO 9000 and regulatory standards.
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