AutoClear 10080TM

100 x 80 cm, High-Capacity, Hold Baggage X-ray For Explosives, Drugs, Threats & Duty Fraud.

General Details

The AutoClear® 10080TM (100 cm wide x 80 cm high, 39.4” x 31.4” opening) is heavy duty, conveyorized and high capacity. Clearly images for:

  • Airports.
  • Ports.
  • Courts.
  • Customs.
  • Military.
  • Corporate.
  • Government Buildings.
  • Postal.
  • Prisons.
  • Nuclear.
  • Access Control.
  • Special Events.
  • Police.
  • Rail or Bus Stations
  • Low, high-capacity conveyor with easy changeouts. Rugged construction uses less floor space and head room.
  • autoTracking® unique, guided conveyor belt system never needs adjustment, lowering operating costs.
  • Narrower footprint enhances security. Conveyor ends fold up for transport.
  • Features fast CPU, 19” LCD monitor, RealClear®, autoDensalert®, autoOutline®, autoSensing®, autoCal®, up to 64X Rapid Smart Zoom, Lighten, Help, DensityScan, and Low Density Stripping, among other features.
  • Comes with Multi-Energy and organic and inorganic stripping. TIP, Training and Image Archiving are also popular. AutoMatalert®, option highlights suspect materials using atomic number and density.
  • autoSensing® assures safety while eliminating costly, troublesome photoeye beams and footpads. Assures 100% screening of thin blades or plastique in courier envelopes or magazines, or of parcel already in tunnel during start-up.
  • Interactive training and highly responsive local service. All critical subassemblies designed, engineered, and rigorously tested in North America to ISO 9000-2001 and world-class standards.
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