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  1. General Details

    The DefendIR™ is an industry leading mid-range thermal imager for seeing in complete darkness and through a multitude of environmental conditions including smoke, rain, snow, dust and dense fog. The DefendIR is the first of its kind, uncooled imager to offer continuous optical zoom.

    The system is based on forward looking infrared (FLIR) technology developed for the US military, but vaults ahead of the competition through the innovative use of VisionSense™. This technology offers user-controlled, customized real time mixing and merging of the two visual sources – a visible light (CCD) camera and an infrared camera. VisionSense generates the ability to penetrate glare, and see through windows, glass or water.

    The DefendIR is ideally suited for day and night perimeter security, maritime surveillance and DHS/DoD applications. Offering multiple lens and detector combinations, each camera can be customized to meet detailed performance requirements. Featuring a sleek integrated pan and tilt design, the camera is capable of continuous 360° panning and a +/- 80° tilt (varies with some lens configurations) withstanding ambient temperatures ranging from -40° to +60° C. The ruggedized housing is environmentally sealed to meet NEMA 4 and IP65 specifications and has been tested
    and certified by an independent lab.

    Out of the box, the DefendIR is ready to integrate into your system. It supports most protocols used in commercial and military applications and can be easily integrated into existing fiber, wireless or IP networks. It can also interface with VMD, radar, UGS or other trigger sensors for a “slew to cue” solution.


    • Continuous thermal zoom available.
    • P/T with Continuous 360° Pan.
    • Easy installation with 4 screws and 1 cable.
    • See objects in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions.
    • VisionSense™ technology combines infrared and CCD imagery in real time.
    • Multiple lens and detector combinations for tailor-made range performance.
    • NEMA 4X, IP65, CE, ISO 9001:2008.
  2. Specifications


    1 Video Output RS-170 (NTSC) or CCIR (PAL)
    2 Serial Interface RS-232, RS-422
    3 Power Input 15-24 VDC ± 20%
    or 220/110 VAC 50/60 Hz
    4 Power Consumption
    5 Weight
    6 Weight
    7 Operating Temperature -40° to +60° C
    8 Environmentally Sealed NEMA 4 & IP65 Certified
    9 Azimuth Control Continuous 360°
    10 Elevation Control Up to -80° to +80°
    (Varies by configuration)
    11 Pan & Tilt Slew Rate 0.25-60°/sec Controlled
    Up to 110°/sec Uncontrolled
    12 Pointing Accuracy & Repeatability Pan ± 0.25°
    Tilt ± 0.1°


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