Digital Video UVSS

General Details
The Homeland Digital Video UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is the basic and economical solution of UVSS with video based technology .It is specially designed for the security personnel to perform vehicle’s undercarriage inspection by monitoring the digitally recorded real time videos; playback function of the captured videos is also available.

High resolution digital videos provide clear live views of the complete vehicle’s undercarriage enabling easy detection of any attached packages, explosives and other objects.

Digital Video UVSS Is easy to Install using standard video and power cables.The system required only minimum maintenance.


/ Airports/ Seaports/ Military Bases/ Custom Checkpoints/ Palaces/ Embassies/ Stadiums and Hotels/ Banks/ Parliament Houses/ Government Buildings/ Prisons/ Courts of Law/ Oil,Gas & Petroleum Plants.

  • Real time videos are processed by the PC based Digital Video Recorder  (DVR) which is capable of  recording  2  or 4 channels simultaneously.
  • Produce high quality video images within reasonable vehicle access speed of less than20 km/h.
  • Screen vehicles of all sizes, from saloon cars to container trucks.
  • System can be integrated with optional features as a comprehensive security solution.
  • Easy maintenance.
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