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Plastic / Stainless Steel Exit Buttons

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Honeywell Today, businesses often implement security measures to stop unauthorized personnel from getting into a building or restricted area. To do this, access control systems are installed on doors, exits, and gates. This ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to the building. At the same time, someone inside the building will want to exit. However, exiting the building does not require any sophisticated equipment. Only a simple device will be needed to unlock the door. The push to exit button is often the item of choice.


Non-Touch microwave technology door activation switch designed for installations where hygiene is of paramount importance such as Cleanrooms, food processing and chemical industry applications. The Clearwave has an adjustable touchless detection ranges from 5-40cm. The water resistant foam gasket protects the switch from water damage, there is no requirement for a back box, the Clearwave is completely flush mounted for zero wall damage.


  • Adjustable relay time
  • Micro-based signal processing
  • Adjustable tamper proof shutters provides precise target area
  • Terminal block design
  • Large wiring channel
  • Dip switch programmable
  • Two form “C” outputs
  • Piezo sounder
  • Door contact input
  • Reader/keypad/key switch input
  • Remote arming and sounder inputs
  • Exit Door, Emergency Door

Plastic / Stainless Steel Exit Buttons / Touch exit Buttons / infrared exit Button and many more..

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