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EXITGUARD is the ideal solution for security of fire exit doors in Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Warehouses, Leisure Centres and all types of public buildings. It satisfies the requirements of
both fire and security officers. An integral high power sounder is activated when the door is opened to warn those in the vicinity that security has been breached.

This EXITGUARD uses a two position keyswitch for setting the alarm. The integral sounder has two selectable tones to enable the alarm condition to be distinguished from any other alarms in the vicinity. These are link selectable during installation. The alarm can be silenced and reset using the keyswitch or the EXITGUARD can rearm automatically after a preset delay once the door has been closed. The preset delay is adjustable up to 90 seconds. A Door Open Too Long (DOTL) delay of 15 seconds can be set during installation as can a chime facility.

An auto sounder reduction feature is incorporated to attenuate the sounder to a periodic bleep every 30 seconds and reduce the annoyance caused if the key holder is not available. However, the
sounder will re-start if the door is opened again. The tamper feature also uses a sounder reduction feature via the keyswitch and is configured in such a way that the alarm can be set even if tamper security has been breached.

There three models to suit various applications:

  1. EX104 is battery powered for use where a separate supply of power is not available and the protected door is opened infrequently. Depending on usage the battery life can be up to 5 years. A battery condition monitor will warn of impending battery failure. The battery is tested each time the EXITGUARD is set and emits a warning bleep if the batteries are below par. The EXITGUARD will continue to function for at least two weeks after a battery fault indication. The EX104 is powered from 6 readily available AA long life Alkaline batteries. (Supplied).
  2. EX105 is 12vdc powered for use where the protected door may be opened frequently. This version can also be used as part of a system where it is necessary to interface with other equipment such as intruder alarms or access control systems. There is an alarm output relay for connection to remote systems. This version cannot be powered from batteries.
  3. EX106 is a mains powered version of the EX105 and features all the same functionality. Batteries (6 x AA are included) to provide power in the event of mains failure. The integral power supply will also provide up to 100ma at 12vdc for ancillary equipment such as remote indicators and sounders.
  • High Power Piezo Sounder.
  • Battery, Mains and 12 Vdc Versions.
  • Keyswitch Control.
  • Auto Reset / Re-arm Delays 0 – 90s.
  • Optional Door Open Too Long Delay 15s.
  • Tamper Switch.
  • Separate Tamper Tone with Manual Reduction.
  • Selectable Alarm Tones.
  • Visual Alarm Indication.
  • Chime Facility.
  • Alarm Relay Output (12vdc version).
  • Extended Battery Life.
  • Battery Condition Monitor.
  • Simple Function Change by Internal Jumpers.
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