FAAC J200 HA  

  1. General Details

    Hydraulic Automatic retractable bollard (Hydraulic Automatic) J200 HA for intensive usage.

    Pedestrian areas delimitation, reserved parking areas for offices, residential areas, commercial or industrial sites, hospitals, public buildings, campsites, holiday and sport resorts.

  2. Techical Info

    The bollard employs a cylinder with height 600mm off ground, diameter 200mm, thickness 6mm made of Fe 360, with surface treatment in cataphoresis and polyester powder painted, or made of stainless steel AISI 316 with satin finishing. The support structure is placed in the foundation together with the cylinder.

    All internal fixing frames for cables, sensors, etc., employ stainless steel screws, in order to avoid corrosion. The protection rate, of junction box and internal connections is IP56.


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