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The GD-36 is suitable for commercial and for security sound uses in rooms with large crowds, which requires the diffusion of automatic reminders (ads), emergency, evacuation, and so on, due to the basic features detailed below: The GD-36 digital recorder can digitally record and play an unlimited number of ads, the limitation is the size of external memory available. GD-36 can record and playback messages to or from the SD Card (SDHC type), available on the rear panel, but also allows to play background music (BGM) from SD card or from a USB flash memory, connected on the front USBsocket. The messages can be scheduled by an internal calendar by creating a series of events, called “Programs” which records the characteristics associated with the related message, such as: Start Time, End Time, Cadence, Loop, Activation remote outputs, etc … and once achieved all the criteria, GD-36 activates the message automatically. Also, turn allows manual issuance of any message sender in the system memory. Additions, GD-36 allows the remote activation of messages through remote control inputs, which you can associate a particular digital voice file, a priority factor, the activation type (open or closed contact) and if should respond to momentary or continuous pulse (switch). To comply with current security regulations, GD-36 allows monitoring of up to two pre-recorded messages, which are checked periodically to ensure its content, and degradation if any of them, let us know in amaximum of 100 seconds by activation of an LED light in the front panel, and by opening the FAULTcontact located on the rear panel. The device is ready to be powered fromAC line (230Vac) and from DC line (24Vdc, Battery Backup), so that it can keep operating even during AC power drops; also has a clock / calendar with independent power supply, which ensures that any scheduled event can be activated at the preset time. If required by the client, GD-36 enables remote monitoring of equipment status using the ETHERNET LAN connector, as well as allows the activation of pre-recorded messages or warnings, the scheduling of calendar events and the remote audio files update. To use this function some equipment and extra wiring is required, as well as the correct configuration of equipment related to the computer network will be connected to which GD-36 (see section Remote Management for
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