Heald 650mm High Security and Anti – Vandal Roadblocker

General Details
The Heald Roadblocker provides high level security for a range of applications to combat today’s increasing threats. Manufactured to withstand repeated impact and still operate, the Heald Roadblocker is specified worldwide for its strength and reliability. Suitable for airports, embassies, monetary, military and palatial sites, the Roadblocker is the ultimate deterrent against terrorism. Designed and manufactured ‘In house’ under strict quality control at every stage.
The Roadblocker is operated via a heavy duty hydraulic power pack housed within the cabinet complete with a programmable control system with visual status. Various access controls are available to operate the Roadblocker. The optimum recommended distance from Power pack to Roadblocker is 10m (33ft). However, this can be increased. Power pack includes:
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