HID Proximity Cards

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Proximity cards and keytags provide reliable and convenient access. HID’s proximity technology allows fast, accurate reading while offering card or keytag read ranges from 4” to 24” inches (10 cm to 60.96 cm), dependant on the type of proximity reader being used. Since these cards and keytags do not require physical contact with the reader, they are virtually maintenance and wear-free.

The PX-4-H, PVC-H-4 and PVC-H-5 are long lasting, flexible, credit card size proximity cards. Both the PVC-H-4, PVC-H-5 allow for direct PVC printing of text, graphics and photos on the card’s surface. The PVC-H-5 also offers the user both proximity and magnetic stripe technology for a wider range of access. The PXKEY-H is a compact and durable proximity keytag, which easily attaches to a keyring.

  • Proximity cards and keytags offer fast and convenient access.
  • PX-4-H, PVC-H-4, PVC-H-5 are credit card size for easy handling and storage.
  • PX-KEY-H is designed to be small and durable, and easily attaches to any keyring.
  • No batteries are required for operation.
  • Cards and keytags are constructed of strong and flexible PVC to resist cracking and breaking.
  • These devices operate in temperatures ranging from -50° F to 160° F / -46° C to 71° C.
  • PVC-H-4 and PVC-H-5 are designed to accept direct PVC printing of text, photos and graphics.
  • The PVC-H-5 is a proximity/magnetic stripe card that allows use with both types of technology.
  • All of these proximity devices come with a preprogrammed code number printed on each card and tag.
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