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The IPW-25 powers with a high efficiency all IPU range of UNION DESARROLLOS ELECTRONICOS (except IPU-360). The power supply is built-in unit and can be mounted inside rack cabinets or on desktops. All power supply sides must have a clearance of at least20mmspace for cooling. The power supply has a +24VDC output with a maximum 40W power with AC input connection with rated voltages of 100V – 240V~ (50/60Hz). Specifications at rated input voltage and ambient temperature +25 °C (unless otherwise specified)

  • Do not block the cooling system due the normal convection.All sides20mmfree space for cooling is recommended.
  • The device must be mounted in on a stable surface. It is no possible to fix it with screws.
  • The power supply cannot have any stretch wire or installed hanging with one or two wires.
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