LowCam VI104

Fixed, In-Ground Under Vehicle Inspection

General Details
The LowCam™ VI104 Under Vehicle Inspection System is a permanent under vehicle inspection system. The system lies flush to the road and is ideal in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, strong winds and dusty environments. An optional state-of-the-art air knife debris removal system removes moisture and unwanted litter to assure a clear view.

The LowCam™ VI104 offers a slim, in-ground design without forfeiting quality, detailed images of the entire vehicle’s undercarriage.  Using high-intensity LEDs,  on-screen images can be captured and recorded in low or no-light settings and in all weather conditions. The system is equipped with eight day/night cameras, four optimized  for both high and low vehicles.  The LowCam™ VI104 produces clear,  detailed, on-screen images that aid in the detection of foreign objects or vehicle modifications.

Unlike the competition, the LowCam™ VI104 under vehicle inspection is a full PC-based system that operates using Advanced Detection Technology’s  own LowCam™ software. The software provides quad or linear images displayed on a 19inch computer monitor for quick and easy inspections. Security personnel can review, scan, and zoom in on areas of interest using a standard touch   pad. Inspections are conducted in a remote, stand-off location therefore dramatically increasing the safety of personnel.

  • Fixed, In-Ground UVIS.
  • Optional Air-Debris Removal.
  • Inspect Vehicles up to 10mph.
  • Remote, Stand-off Inspections.
  • Day/Night Operation.
  • Fast, Reliable Inspections.
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