LowCam VI108

Portable Under Vehicle Inspection

General Details
The LowCam™ VI108 Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) has been designed for areas that experience high volumes of traffic maneuvering on rough surface conditions. The LowCam™ VI108 is constructed of the highest quality, welded, corrosion resistant, aerospace aluminum that can withstand up to 50,000lbs. The housing resembles a small, yellow, speed bump that encases eight high-intensity, white LED, day/night cameras, four cameras optimized for each high and low vehicles.

Inspections can be conducted in a distant location therefore dramatically increasing the safety of personnel. Unlike the competition, the LowCam™ VI108 UVIS is a full PC-based system that utilizes Advanced Detection Technology’s own LowCam™ software. The software functions with a standard touch pad that allows the user to view a vehicle’s under carriage on a 19inch color monitor in either quad or linear formats. Passing vehicles are automatically recorded using an auto start/stop feature and the inspection footage is stored using license plate information and/or images accessible by an on-screen queuing sequence. Once selected from the queue, the inspector can use viewing speed, pause, playback, and zoom options to inspect vehicles.

The LowCam™ can be fully assembled in 3 minutes! The ramps, PC, and monitor neatly pack into two Pelican™ cases for easy transport making the LowCam™ VI108 the truly portable solution to under vehicle inspection.

  • Portable or fixed UVIS.
  • Installs in 3 minutes!.
  • Inspect Vehicles up to 10mph.
  • Remote, Stand-off Inspections.
  • License Plate Recognition Option.
  • Live viewing, quad or linear formats.
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