LowCam VI110

Single Image Under Vehicle Inspection

General Details
The LowCam™ VI110 Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) offers security officials a thorough inspection using a single under carriage image. The LowCam™ VI110 is constructed of the highest quality, aerospace aluminum that can withstand up to 70,000lbs. The unit is designed to fit both portable and fixed applications. The housing encases high resolution video cameras that use high-intensity, white LED lighting to guarantee impeccable 24/7 operation. Inspections of bi-directional traffic can be conducted in a stand-off location therefore dramatically increasing the safety of personnel.

Unlike the competition, the LowCam™ VI110 UVIS is a full PC-based system that utilizes Advanced Detection Technology’s own LowCam™ software. The software provides a single image displayed on a 19inch monitor to allow for quick and easy inspections. Security personnel can review, scan, and zoom in on areas of interest. The LowCam™ VI110 uses manual or automatic license plate recognition to archive each vehicle’s recorded inspection. The license plate information is recalled to conduct side-by-side comparisons to aid the operator in locating any discrepancies in the vehicle’s undercarriage upon future visits. Information collected can be synchronized with Advanced Detection Technology’s FastGate™ Grasp using a relational database.

When used as a portable UVIS, the Lowcam™ VI110 can be fully assembled in under 3 minutes! The ramps, PC, and monitor neatly pack into two Pelican™ cases for easy transport making the LowCam™ VI110 the most technologically advanced under vehicle inspection system.

  • Single Image UVIS.
  • Incorporates LPR with UVIS.
  • Under 3 minute set-up!.
  • Communicate with Grasp.
  • Comparative capabilities.
  • Inspect vehicles up to 10mph.
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