LowCam VI54

Portable Under Vehicle Inspection

General Details
The LowCam™ VI54 is the super low-cost model of the modern under vehicle inspection system (UVIS). The LowCam™ VI54 is the smallest, most cost-effective solution ever offered on the market and despite the small size of this system, many of the features and functionalities that are currently found in the larger UVIS are also available on the LowCam™ VI54.

The aluminum ramp has been has been designed to easily pack into one, environmentally sealed Pelican™ case or even a backpack for easy transport. The LowCam™ VI54 is made to be straddled by oncoming vehicles, but can withstand up to 50,000lbs if directly impacted. The ramp housing encases two high-intensity, white LED, day/night cameras that fully capture the undercarriage of a passing vehicle, from wheel well to wheel well.

Inspections can be conducted in a distant location therefore dramatically increasing the safety of personnel. Like all LowCam™ models, the VI54 is a full PC-based system that utilizes Advanced Detection Technology’s own LowCam™ software. The software features a dual-view inspection that functions with a standard touch pad that allows the user to access playback functions, such as pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

  • Super low cost.
  • IUnder 1 minute set-up!.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Remote, stand-off inspections.
  • Full PC, database capabilities.
  • Live viewing, playback controls.
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