Magnetic Locks

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Through a strategic working relationship, Honeywell offers locking and egress solutions to fit any application. All products have been tested with Honeywell products and provide an excellent opportunity for dealers to increase their revenue on their next installation.

Honeywell magnetic locks provide reliable and affordable locking options. Our magnetic locks have been tested with all Honeywell control panels to assure that they will work properly every time. Additionally, Honeywell locks include standard mounting templates that take the fear out of drilling into a door. All locks are UL Listed and meet the needs of most applications.

ML-8005 Single Door Small Magnet, 650 lbs
ML8011-LC-US28 Magnetic Lock, 1,200 lbs
ML8011-LC-US40 Magnetic Lock, 1,200 lbs
ML8011-LCR-US28 Magnetic Lock, 1,200 lbs with Bond Sensor
ML8011-LCR-US40 Magnetic Lock, 1,200 lbs with Bond Sensor
ML8022-LC-US28 Magnetic Lock for Double Doors, 1,200 lbs
ML8022-002-US28 Magnetic Lock for Double Doors, 1,500 lbs



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