Model MPCW-7

wireless-wired scoring console

  1. General Details

    Combine your scoreboard with a Nevco monochrome or full-color message center to create a complete scoring and display system. Team/Sponsor signs also available.

  2. Features

    Advanced universal wireless control featuring:
    • One control can be used for up to 40 wireless scoreboards
    • High Impact Black Plastic.
    • Improved UV resistance.
    • Sealed Keypad prevents liquids being spilled into the control.
    • Durable rubber replaces the plastic push buttons.
    • Backward compatible with most older scoreboards.
    • Custom designed overlay featuring sport specific graphics.
    • ETN entry can be done on any overlay through the option menu.
    (Many competitors require a separate PC for ETN entry)
    • Rechargeable Battery option.
    • Handheld switches included as required.
    • Internal Antenna.
    • High Brightness, illuminated LED displ

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