Piezo Dynamic Series

General Details
Honeywell’s Piezo Dynamic (PD) WAVE2PD and 747PD Sirens produce traditional “speaker” sound while drawing 1/4 the current of typical sirens. This allows multiple devices to be installed on the same alarm panel without the need for additional hardware, costs and labor.

The sirens feature a sleek, lightweight design, an easy-to-wire terminal block and a hinged case cover. The WAVE2PD and 747PD Sirens are globally compliant and UL approved and ideal for residential application.

  • Low current draw lets you add additional sirens in areas like basements, garages, hallways and more.
  • Two tones to choose from: Steady and Warble.
  • Lightweight ABS plastic case is less than half the weight of standard sirens.
  • Enclosed PCB to protect components.
  • Easy-to-wire terminal block eliminates the need to splice and crimp wire.
  • Hinged case cover with elliptical mount holes provide installation convenience.
  • Tampered versions available to provide an added level of protection and meet global requirements.
  • Compatible with LYNX control panels.
  • Large wiring channel provides plenty of room for wire.
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