complete line of products for operating, controlling and regulating TIME.

General Details
QW-TIME comprises a wide range of Master Clocks (WDPQ), Master Clock Programmers (WDP-Y) and Programmers (WYP) for operation and control of Slave Clocks, Digital Clocks and Time Recorders as well as for controlling and regulating energy and consumers.
• Fully automatic correction of summer/winter time and preprogrammed calendar.
• Easy to program by simple YES/NO instructions over the easy to read 2×16 character backlit LCD display.
• To achieve absolute accuracy, radio synchronization with the transmitters of time code signals type
DCF-77 (Germany), MSF Rugby (Great Britain) or GPS (Global Positioning System) is available as option.
• Electronic short circuiting protection which resets automatically, transient protection, as well as
protection against overload.
• LED-indication of power on, minute impulse output, activated relay output, alarm and receipt of time
code signal.
• Impulse system, impulse duration and type of time selectable.
• Built in serial communication port type RS232/485 for computer time and remote control.
• Relay output for alarm (only Programmers and Master Clock Programmers).
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