Landmines and ERW (Explosive Remnants of War). A Global Issue addressed by World-Class Experts

  1. General Details

    Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector (THD)

    Many countries around the world are impacted by past and present conflicts where landmines and other unexploded items remain a danger to persons and the environment. RECON PRO™ is a solution for remediation.

    From tactical to humanitarian countermine/ERW search technicians (a.k.a. “Recon Charlie”), Garrett’s new RECON-PRO All-Metals Locator (metal detector) is designed to operate under any field conditions. No assembly is required. Simply remove from its case and RECON-PRO is ready to operate!

  2. Features
    • Optimum Detection Sensitivity.
    • “Pre-Automated” Ground Balance.
    • Easy and Accurate Pinpointing.
    • Adjustable Audio Threshold.
    • EMI Noise Elimination.
    • Low Battery Alarm.
    • Dual Alarm Mode.
    • Simple Control Design.
    • Long Term Batteries.
    • Adjustable Operating Length.
    • Compact Design.
    • Easy Stowage.
    • Watertight Hard Case.
    • Low profile headset.
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