CCTV Surveillance System

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As You Know, popular brands, is always a listen catcher in the market, and our brand SAMSUNG is the first priority in the yearly sales records, events, accidents, something happens when we are outside the company, office, home, the only solution with surveillance will be SAMSUNG surveillance, according to customer needs we advise the right camera on the right place, somehow Government givens cameras is differed than a mall or a personal shop, or an embassies or fields is forbidden to access.

DSS deals with SAMSUNG in a professional way, this Korean brand will be shipped from Korea directly through our external suppliers, few days and it will be in our show rooms.

We have cameras against Infra-red, high resolutions, perfect wdr day and night vision, and the ability of lens to zoom from very far points and high towers, Samsung super light enhancer that defeat anti-visions.

PTZ Cameras, VANDAL RESISTANT Cameras, Box, DOME Cameras, FISHEYE Cameras …
Monitor controllers / DVR / NVR / Joystick even baby camera monitor to watch your kid.

Advise for using SAMSUNG

Monitoring of delivery of goods
Monitoring of staff for Fraud (altering tags etc)
Integration with POS systems on cash points
Don’t leave the opportunity, Ask about SAMSUNG CCTV!!

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