Scanna blast container

  1. General Details

    Letter bombs, either real or suspect are a potential problem for many organizations. Staff handling mail is at risk as well as the target addressee or department.
    The Scanna blast container is designed to protect property and personnel from the blast and fragmentation occurring when an IED is set off. The Container itself is manufactured from a Ballistic Fiberglass tube with a gelcoat finish. The removable inner bag is made from a fire retardant plastic with venting to keep it in place should a device be activated inside the Container.
    The container is constructed from the composite woven material that can withstand blast and fragments from up to 8oz of commercial explosives in a letter bomb device.

    The inner bag will hold the suspect device in place allowing x-ray inspection of the device inside the bag. The bags handle loops allow easy removal of the package for further inspection in a safe location.
    The outer unit is fitted with rubber rings to allow the bin to be rolled to a safe area without the need to remove the package and a detachable base plate provides protection to the floor when in the upright position. .

  2. Techical Info
    height 900mm
    outside diameter 536mm
    inside diameter 500mm
    weight 60 kgs
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