Slave Clocks

General Details
  • Sizes ø 230, 300 and 400 mm.
  • Housing ABS-plastic, in white, light grey or brown. White = NCS -0602-G47Y, light grey = NCS -S2502-Y, brown = NCS 8010-Y50R.
  • Black numerals or hour marks on white background. Black hours- and minutes hand. Convex protection glass.
  • Single sided, depth of housing 37 mm., for surface mounting. Fixing to wall or ceiling (hanging) also possible by additional bracket.
  • For double sided installation two clocks and one bracket are used.
  • Clocks with only hours- and minutes hand are operated by 24 V polarised 1/1- or 1/2-min.impulses from master clock.
  • Clocks with stepping seconds hand (red)-almost soundless by oil damper – are operated by 24 V polarised 1/1-sec. impulses from master clock.
Brackets (wall/ceiling)

  • for double sided installation or single sided together with a back side cover.
  • of anodised aluminium with adjustable arm for setting of the distance to wall or ceiling.
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