Strabuc 918

Rising post for traffic control

  1. General Details

    STRABUC 918 is a hydraulically operated post designed to protect premises and for use in traffic control in both private and public areas. It consists of a flanged cylinder providing a casing to the rising post, an electronic control box ie. ELPRO 10 CEI and a motor pump unit.

    The housing cylinder, to be inserted into a foundation tube cemented slightly deeper than one meter into the ground, is firmly secured to the foundation by an anchor-fitted flange. Suitable openings in the lower and middle sections of the post are provided both to drain possible water residues that may gather inside and to lead cables into the post for the electrical connections. Inside the location cylinder is the rising post which can be activated by a range of control devices, such as radio transmitters or keyswitch through the main control box, to the raised or fully lowered positions to have personal control of a reserved area.

    The combination of the colours and the circular design make this automation aesthetically pleasing. Three lights are fitted as warning signals while the post is operated. The movements of the post, allowed by the compact assembly of the motor-pump-valve block with the hydraulic actuator by means of copper pipes and by a combination of vertical guide rods, are so maintained even and smooth along the entire working cycle. In events like power failure it is possible to override the hydraulic mechanism from the top of the post by means a specially designed spanner which is supplied with the system, and the post can be manually  lowered into the housing cylinder.

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