Tire Killers

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    SOFAB Manufacturers Tire Killers per Standard Specifications listed below. We also produce per customer requirements. You may select a Below or Above Ground Tire Killers that will most suit your requirements. In the event of a collision, the Hardened Teeth, will penetrate the Vehicle Tires and destroy them while minimizing damage to the wheel rims.

    It will render the intruder vehicle impossible to drive. Each Tire Killer comes with a Locking Mechanism that will lock the knives in the down position incase of an emer
    gency or vehicle reversal.

    A manual control lever arm can be added to any Tire Killer to allow the movement of the Tire Killer knives in the retreated position to allow vehicles to enter or exit in the opposite direction at the movement of your finger tips.

    The all New Designed Tire Killer comes with anti corrosion double molded spring.

    Patent Pending Design, First of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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