Sensitive wire intelligent barrier

General Details
The TPS System represents one of the solutions provided by GPS Standard in response the increasing requirements for external perimeter protection. It is a system based on solid experience in the field of electronics applied to security systems and a profound knowledge of the most advanced electronic techniques. It comprises a variable number of parallel barbed wires positioned about 10–15 cm from each other and mounted on support posts placed at a distance of about 2.5-3 m from each other.  The system is a real and self-sustaining physical fence barrier, sensitive to the disturbances created by attempted intrusions. The TPS System is modular and can be used to protect very large perimeters. It is particularly suited to areas such as: military sites, airports, industrial complexes, refineries, nuclear centres, and even for warehouses, car storage areas and residential areas. It can also be installed on top of or along side perimeter walls
Versions available:

  • TPSE100
  • TPSM200
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