Autoclear LLC specializes in the design, manufacture, and support of high quality, professional security X-ray scanners and metal detection systems, as well as advanced detection of trace particulate and vapor explosives and narcotics.

Our company reaches worldwide to supply companies, government facilities, militaries, customs, agricultural and electronics inspection, public venues, and events with progressive and high-quality lines of security equipment. Non-invasive detection of contraband has been our specialty and mission for over 80 years.

X-ray Scanners, Walkthrough & Handheld Metal Detectors, and Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection Systems are the three main product lines that Autoclear LLC proudly carries. These three lines made us a standalone niche market in our industry for many years.

Our Products

Autoclear X-ray’s most advanced features that are standard on each machine include: autoMatalert™, RealClear™, autoDensalert™, autosensing™, autoTracking™, autoOutline™, autoScale™, autoCal™, autoNet™, autoTracking™, Automatic Image Archiving™, Built-In Training, Dark & Light Enhance™, Density Scan™, Color/ Reverse B&W, Organic & Inorganic Stripping, just to name a few. Each unit we produce features full baggage coverage with the highest penetration and clarity. Consistent imaging of hard-to-scan loose items (books, magazines, and express envelopes) are patented Autoclear features. Each X-ray model, from the smallest parcel scanner 4535 to largest cargo scanner 150180, also features full baggage coverage with the highest penetration and clarity, and the most ergonomic and modular design. Technologies such as Dual View (organic and inorganic stripping displayed on two monitors from two different angles of the item being viewed) and Backscatter (a precise transmission and backscatter image on one monitor shown in bright color to make areas of concern easier to identify) are new-comers to the X-ray family and are available in widely desired mid-size models.

The CheckGate 9000 walkthrough metal detector continues to set the highest of standards set in the 1930’s by Federal Laboratories. This model has been installed at airlines, Federal Court and prison systems, numerous power plants, schools, airports, and other high throughput and high security facilities. Like the 9000, Model 8000 was designed for high throughput and great adaptability. Model 8091 correctional metal detector is the pacesetter for the heavy duty institutional and high-sensitivity applications. HandWand™ 20 and SuperOmniPlus™ are two handheld units that are ergonomic, reliable, and accurate. Our family of metal detection systems boast low false alarm rates and efficiency maximized with the highest throughput rates.

Explosive and narcotic lines from Scintrex are available in ergonomic handheld models and desktop models. The desktop model, E5000 (or EN5000) is able to detect trace amounts of explosive substances in particulate form. Model EN5000 can dually detect particulate explosives and narcotics using a different setting for each on the machine. The handheld explosive detector models are available in either particulate or vapor mode, or both. They are able to detect a wide array of explosives, such as PETN, RDX, TNT, dynamite, Semtex, C-4, peroxides, TATP, etc. Our handheld narcotics detector, the N2200, is able to detect traces of opiates, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, etc.

Standards and Certifications

Autoclear’s X-ray Security Systems are radiation-safe, present no radiation hazard to the general public, and meet the requirements of the Handbook 93. When the systems are shipped and properly maintained, the radiation safety of the operator(s) is guaranteed. Operator and Maintenance Manuals are supplied with every order. Our X-ray Security Systems comply with all published international standards.

Autoclear Products