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Creating unique shopping experiences

Sensormatic Solutions powers retail operations and provides shoppers with experiences that are frictionless and personalized.

Retail today is about achieving success through informed moments of truth. Those moments between customers, stores, associates and inventory are opportunities for retailers to positively impact the shopping experience and execute seamless unified commerce. Opportunities to deepen our understanding of what customers want with every interaction.

Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers deliver frictionless personalized experiences by powering accurate decision-making across the enterprise. We make connections and bridge gaps across retail enterprises to deliver critical, real-time insights into inventory, shoppers, associates and the retail environment. We protect assets and people by helping to ensure a safe and secure environment throughout the entire customer journey.

Our connected, scalable solutions and strategic insights enable retailers to confidently move into the future, bringing together online, mobile and in-store shopping for easy, personalized, enhanced experiences that shoppers love. We help retailers to anticipate change before it happens, so merchandise is available, associates are informed and empowered, and shoppers can safely engage with flexibility and ease.

Sensormatic EAS Products

  • Analytic
  • Loss Prevention
  • Traffic Insights


Data and technology are redefining how customers shop and how retailers engage with shoppers. Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers harness data across the entire retail enterprise to deliver exceptional shopper experiences and increase operational excellence.

From shopper traffic to shrink management to inventory control, retail data is being collected like never before. Our suite of Analytics Solutions is designed to provide insights that deliver positive retail outcomes and reshape retailers' operations.

Smarter Decision Making

Enable retailers to harness data and turn insights into actionable outcomes.

Aggregating Complex Data

Analytics delivered via an open architecture that provides a comprehensive view of all data through a single platform.

Predictive Power

Machine learning-based IoT solutions that deliver on advanced analytics and prescriptive insights.

Manage Shrink More Strategically

Preventing loss requires proactive measures—taking steps to anticipate crime and to help stop it before it strikes. That’s the power Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) gives you, by supplying insights and analytics that help you prevent shrink by recognizing its patterns. This new cloud-based solution even conducts real-time equipment monitoring of your systems.

Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

It’s the key to both driving profits and delivering a seamless in-store experience: retailers must have the right number of store associates on-hand to match the volume of shoppers. Traffic data can be used to strategically plan your associates’ schedules and maximize selling potential.

Leverage Retail Data Across the Operation

Ready to understand your floor inventory and maintain it more efficiently? Our solutions were designed to help you make smart, strategic decisions by marrying data across the enterprise. Our analytics teams are tackling retail's toughest issues, like correlating sell-through rates with zone traffic and customer-to-associate engagement times, to improve shopper experience and sales. We're pushing to revolutionize with the availability of real-time sensor data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate new insights and continue to drive actionable outcomes for retailers.

Loss Prevention

Sensormatic empowers retailers to fight global shrink and retail crime with proven merchandise protection solutions.

Sensormatic is one of the most trusted names in loss prevention. We offer innovative, top-quality solutions that help combat shrink and deliver predictive analytics and insights you can use to help improve operational efficiency and create a better shopper experience.

Solutions for All Your Merchandise

A wide range of options to best protect all types of merchandise and store formats.

Innovative Technology

Innovative loss prevention tools designed to protect merchandise, provide insights into shrink and increase operational efficiency.

Trusted Brand

Chosen by renowned retailers to help protect billions and billions of items of all kinds.

Our Offerings

Effective Protection for Every Product Type and Category

Sensormatic has been chosen and trusted by retailers to keep billions of items secure. Through our vast experience protecting almost everything from baseball bats to lipstick to delicate blouses, we can deliver the perfect solution for your product.

Innovation that Improves Your Efficiency

The right technology can do much more than reduce shrink—it can create efficiencies that drive savings and even deliver a memorable experience to your shoppers. Sensormatic's InFuzion tag can cut your in-store tagging costs by 40%*. The InFuzion tag is sleek and sturdy, and helps minimize damage to fine and delicate garments.

Turning Data and Insights into Action

Even the most detailed data is only as good as the insights drawn from it. Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) is a new cloud-based solution that collects highly detailed data. With these easy-to-understand patterns, analytics and insights, you'll be empowered to fuel profits by helping predict and prevent shrink. In addition, this new-found data helps you improve operational efficiencies, such as staff optimization, identification of training gaps, spotting ORC events and more. SMaaS also includes remote management of equipment to ensure your system is running optimally.

Trust Genuine Sensormatic

Global shrink losses for retailers are estimated at over $100 billion*. So when it comes to merchandise security and protection, accept no substitutions. Trust Sensormatic's full suite of innovative, top-quality loss prevention solutions.

Versatile, Effective Source Tagging Solutions

Sensormatic's Source Tagging program ensures your merchandise is protected at the source and arrives floor-ready to help sell more and lose less, while enabling staff to better serve shoppers.

Traffic Insights

The shopper journey and retail landscape are continually evolving. ShopperTrak brings digital shopper analytics into the store to help optimize the shopper experience.

Big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience by making shopping easier, more convenient and more interesting. Sensormatic ShopperTrak solutions collect and deliver data that retailers can easily convert into meaningful insights and actionable outcomes.

From people counting devices at store entrances to location-based technologies monitoring shopper movement, ShopperTrak solutions can build a comprehensive picture of the shopper journey and customer behavior in your stores and shopping centers. We have a technology-agnostic approach using video analytics, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE Beacons, and more to help understand what is happening inside your unique retail space. This new level of visibility reveals traffic analytics that enable you to quickly find and react to opportunities, driving sales and profitability.

A Full Analytics Suite

Comprehensive insights delivered via intuitive dashboards or customized reports including peak traffic times, traffic patterns, and many other key store operation metrics.

Benchmarking Data

Global insights and analytics based on over 40 billion shopper visits annually.

Expertise and Experience

A dedicated team that helps retailers understand the actions that will drive the greatest impacts.

Counting Visitors

It is difficult to manage what you can’t measure. Without a reliable and accurate data source to help you understand traffic, you are just guessing how many visitors enter and exit your space each day. From small, temporary kiosks all the way up to large malls and entertainment venues, ShopperTrak provides people counting solutions with up to 98% accuracy to help improve the shopper experience.

We count visitors using traffic counting devices at entrances and throughout the store to deliver deep and accurate insights on consumer behaviors in physical spaces. Our traffic counting solutions supply visibility into your best opportunities for traffic, when sales occur and how well you perform during these critical times. By integrating traffic, sales and labor data into your analysis, you can better understand how effectively you are converting customers, whether you have the labor coverage needed for success, and make smart marketing and real estate decisions.

The Benefit of Benchmarks

Imagine understanding how your in-store traffic compares to similar businesses. ShopperTrak Market Intelligence arms retailers with people-counting insights to benchmark performance of a group of stores against the rest of the market by geography or sub-vertical and understand the performance of your stores at the city, region or country level.

Retail Analytics

The ShopperTrak Analytics Suite funnels data from multiple sources, arming retailers with the information they need to run their businesses more effectively. ShopperTrak’s retail analytics technology is easy to use and offers clear answers. It can be deployed across an entire business and made visible to employees at every level, while senior members of staff can view the results applicable to them through an online dashboard tailored to their needs.

Solutions for Shopping Centers

The right data can help shopping center owners improve efficiency, optimize operations and increase profits. ShopperTrak real-time analytics let property managers visualize and understand traffic patterns - the busiest areas and times - to explore new leasing models and enhance your tenant mix. Plus, with the ShopperTrak market intelligence solutions, property managers can benchmark their shopping center’s traffic against others in their area for additional insights.

A Partner for Success

Our team helps retailers maximize value through our Customer Success and Retail Consulting teams. Each customer has an assigned success manager—who understands your business, data and customers and can help you benefit from our suite of ShopperTrak analytics and insight reports.